Summer School takes place from May through August. Implement a cost-effective and successful summer school program at your school. Our online courses and curriculum can help engage students and provide educators with the data they need to measure student progress and achievement in real time.

Students can schedule summer fun while completing courses for credit. Additionally, they can work on their courses at any time of day from any location.

Our Online Instructor can also monitor the student's online learning progress, and answer student's questions while they are at— home, a library, or a vacation destination.

Increase your school revenue by offering Summer School programs to other domestic students, while your teacher can monitor student's progress online all around the world.

High School Summer School

• Get ahead with Advanced Placement® (AP®) and honors courses, including world languages.

• Recover credits with core courses. Students move at their own pace and get the support they need to improve below-proficient reading and math skills.

• Strengthen skills needed for success in high school, including writing, reading, and math.

• Free up next year's schedule for sports and other activities.

• Prepare for college applications with AP, and college and career prep courses.

Middle School Summer School

• Get ready for stellar high school performance

• Catch up on or build confidence with subjects the students may have struggled with during the school year.

• Increase the depth on subjects in which the students like to excel.

Elementary School Summer School

• Summertime can be the perfect window of opportunity for young students to make up lost ground, shore-up subjects they may be struggling with or get a head start.

• Elementary summer school options for students in grades 1-5 allow parents to help kids brush up on their skills and build essential skills for future success.

• Our summer program can also help build confidence and maintain your child’s focus and discipline for the upcoming school year.